SEED stories

These image stories use clinical imagery from a couple’s IVF cycle to express an experience of having fertility treatment. Each image represents a key stage in the IVF process when the statistical chance of having a baby can be measured.
At each stage, the scale of the image changes to reflect the couples' statistical chance of having a baby at that stage. The full grey square is 100%. Chances fluctuate - a couple (or individual) might start the treatment with a high statistical change of conceiving but it may not result in a pregnancy. Conversely, they may have a small chance of becoming pregnant but manage to conceive.

The key stages are:
Ovary/follicles pre stimulation
Ovary/follicles post stimulation
The Womb lining post stimulation
Sperm Sample pre preparation
Sperm Sample post preparation
Egg Collection
Egg Transfer: 3 day or 5 day old Blastocyst
5 week pregnancy scan
12 week pregnancy scan

This project is facilitated by Newcastle Fertility Centre at the Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne; funded by the Arts Council and supported by the North East Photography Network and Northern Centre of Photography.