Are you interested in increasing awareness and understanding of fertility treatment? Take part in SEED ...
If you are having fertility treatment at the Fertility Clinic at The Centre for Life, then you can be part of SEED. I am looking for more couples to take part especially those willing to be photographed at the Egg Collection stage.

Recording the clinical images happens as part of the IVF process and will not make the treatment you receive any different. The scan images are recorded by a consultant or nurse during the routine appointments. An embryologist records the images of the eggs and sperm from cameras integrated in the incubators. Taking the images will not effect your treatment in anyway.

Please contact me before your Down Regulation scan if you are interested.

Your contribution can be anonymous. All enquiries will be treated as confidential.

'Your work is a great insight into the journey of infertility and how that brings highs and lows. It was a pleasure to take part in your programme to help raise this awarenes'