Fertility Fest is the world’s first arts festival dedicated to fertility, infertility, modern families and the science of making babies.  I was delighted to be one of the many artists taking part  in a week-long programme of events, entertainment, discussion, debate, support and solidarity.
Find out more about Fertility Fest 2018 at Bush Theatre London.

I talked about – SEED –along with the project's liaison from Newcastle Fertility Centre at Life, Dr Jane Stewart at:

'The Doctor in the Bedroom' session on Friday 11 May, 11.45
No one would chose to make a baby in a laboratory. Would they? It’s hardly roses and candles. Is it? So what does it really feel like to have the doctor in your bedroom?

We were joined by Izzy Judd – author of the best-selling memoir Dare To Dream and Dr James Nicopoullos, Senior Consultant at Lister Fertility Clinic.

SEED has given me the opportunity of hearing so many inspirational stories.  One of which is Jessica Hepburn's - having been through eleven rounds of IVF, she has become a pioneer in raising awareness of what it means to struggle to create the family you long for.  In 2016, Jessica Hepburn with Gabby Vautier, founded Fertility Fest.  Fertility Fest is dedicated to exploring the personal and political issues related to fertility, infertility and assisted conception, through the power of the arts.

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