I presented images from SEED at Beyond the Visible in March 2017 at Northern Charter in Newcastle upon Tyne.
The Northern Charter & The Family Ties Network in association with NEPN presented this study day to consider how photography is being used to create visual conversations around the lived experiences of illness, loss, medical conditions and the ‘unseen’ within representations of the family. I presented work along with Rosy Martin, Arabella Plouviez, Sarah Tulloch and Marjolaine Ryley.

Photography is a difficult medium when it comes to photographing something that is not always visible. The particular visual strategies adopted by artists explore a range of approaches for circumnavigating the challenges this presents. Their work raises questions as to how we see (or don’t see) these lived experiences. More than this, through their exploratory visual strategies, such practices are asking if it is possible to perceive – and therefore understand – such experiences and conditions differently?

The study day was organised by The Northern Centre of Photography and The Family Ties Network